We can help your organization become better still.

Created by executives with 25 years of experience guiding team optimization, professional development, change management, and business transformation for industry-leading Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofits, Better Still is a consultancy that offers proprietary, tool-based methods for enhancing individual and enterprise efficiency, effectiveness, and connectivity.

Our comprehensive, integrated Better Still Solutions combine an array of tools and consulting services to optimize teams, strengthen talent management, advance change, and enhance your organization’s human system.

Our digital Better Still Teamwork Toolkits provide subscription customers with Better Still Tools, tool plans, and valuable guidance to support team leaders and team contributors, and to help you chart your future together.

The Better Still difference

We bring years of experience working inside, and as senior advisors to, high-caliber corporations and nonprofit organizations. Through our proprietary, tool-based methods, we have strengthened professional teams, amplified the impact of senior executives, and built the capacity of high-potential leaders. We can do the same for yours.

Six premises we apply in our work with clients

Premise 1

Better Still uses a humanistic, asset-focused approach in our products and services. We believe in building upon the skills, gifts, and experiences of those we work with, helping them to make even greater, more authentic contributions to their organizations and in their collaborative efforts.

Premise 2

We adhere to a belief in common ethics—moral principles and practices, and public standards, that rational people apply to guide interpersonal behavior

Premise 3

We use a broad, intersectional definition of diversity, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, class, diverse abilities, learning styles, worldviews, and beliefs—within a framework of common ethics.

Premise 4

We believe in the transformational power of simple, intentional actions that professionals can take on their own or with colleagues to make work and relationships better. In turn, we are advocates of organizational learning.

Premise 5

Much of our work is rooted in the “ontology of language,” which posits that human beings create joint meaning and purpose, and coordinate actions, through language; and transformed language leads to transformed action.

Premise 6

Buckminster Fuller favored the use of tools to engender new thinking and behavior. We embrace that philosophy as well; our proprietary tools are designed to improve professional work while it happens.

Tom and Dale Lowery

About Better Still’s Dale and Tom Lowery

Dale Lowery

Dale is Better Still’s managing director. She was Managing Vice President, Business Transformation for Gartner, Inc.; Managing Director, Leading Learning Communities, an affiliate of the Organizational Learning Center at MIT’s Sloan School of Management; Director of Business Intelligence for Washington Information Group; and Senior Business Analyst for Fuld & Company. She has served as an executive coach to senior leaders in U.S. and global organizations.

Tom Lowery

Tom is the creator and designer of Better Still products. He has held leadership roles in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, as Group Vice President, Talent Management, for Gartner, Inc., where he led the global corporate university, performance management, succession management, and employee engagement; head of executive development for the national office of the $7.7B federation of U.S. YMCAs; and consultant to Fortune 100 companies and national nonprofit organizations on team and performance optimization. He is a dual citizen of the United States and Ireland, and consults in the U.S. and E.U. 

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