Team Contributor

Strengthen your team and enhance your reputation as a worthy colleague, in person or remotely.

Become an outstanding team contributor.

Much of your work as a professional depends on how you participate in and contribute to teams. When you demonstrate success as a worthy colleague, teamwork improves, and so does your professional standing.

Bring your best to your team—and build vital professional skills—with the Better Still Teamwork Toolkit—Team Contributor. The toolkit’s 20 digital tools and eight tool plans strengthen how you contribute to your team; build your reputation as a valued and trusted colleague; and support your team to become even more effective.

Simple, powerful Better Still Tools to enhance your contribution to your team

Your Better Still Teamwork Toolkit—Team Contributor gives you unlimited access to 20 easy-to-use Better Still Tools to use on your own or with team members. The tools provide simple steps to make your teamwork better now—often within minutes—and better still, for the long term. Use the tools as you prepare to contribute to your team; when you think and work with others; and to help you build confidence as a worthy and esteemed colleague.

20 tools in the Better Still Teamwork Toolkit—Team Contributor

Every Better Still Tool includes:

Tool 2.5

What’s in a Better Still Tool?

Interactive tool plans to help you become an even better team contributor

Better Still has analyzed key areas for team-contributor success, and assembled eight tool plans that combine and sequence our tools to make them even more powerful. With each tool plan, you’re invited to use two or more tools to deepen your capability and confidence as you:

Here’s a sample of what’s in a tool plan:

Tool Plan 3 Team Contributor

Simple, clear organizing structure to guide you

Tool Instructions Team Contributor

Easy-to-follow, smart, step-by-step instruction

2.3 Team Contributor

Every tool you’ll need, available in one click

Catalysts Team Contributor

Skill sets and catalysts to maximize the toolkit’s value to you and your team

Your Better Still Teamwork Toolkit—Team Contributor includes even more

Beyond the Better Still Tools and tool plans, you have access to:
Custom consultation to prepare conditions for toolkit success
An easy-to-follow orientation and onboarding experience
Guidance to become an outstanding team contributor
A quick-reference guide to find tools to help you learn and grow

Please contact us to learn how to bring the Better Still Teamwork Toolkit—Team Contributor into your organization.

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