Team Leader

Improve team management and results, at any distance.

Boost the productivity and engagement of your team of talented professionals.

Serving as team leader is a big responsibility—made tougher when you’re new to the job or the team, or when you’re working at a distance. Better Still has analyzed crucial components of team-leader success, and created this Teamwork Toolkit for people in this vital role. Use the digital toolkit to coordinate work better, ensure quality outcomes, and connect effectively with your team members—with the easy-to-use, on-demand support of 25 digital Better Still Tools, and nine specially created tool plans. The Better Still Teamwork Toolkit—Team Leader works equally well to support your leadership of intact teams, project teams, colocated teams, and remote teams.

Easy-to-use Better Still Tools to strengthen your team leadership every day

Your Team Leader toolkit gives you unlimited access to 25 Better Still Tools to use on your own or with team members. The tools provide simple steps to make your team leadership better now—often within minutes—and better still, for the long term. Use the tools when you’re planning and organizing meetings or team tasks; when you’re communicating with team members; when you’re coordinating and managing action; when you seek to learn and grow as a team.

25 tools in the Better Still Teamwork Toolkit—Team Leader

Every Better Still Tool includes:

Tool 2.5

What’s in a Better Still Tool?

Powerful tool plans to enhance key elements of team leadership

Better Still Tools are potent on their own—and become even more so when they’re paired with other tools. Our interactive, digital tool plans combine and sequence Better Still Tools to help you elevate your team leadership in nine crucial aspects of your work:

Here’s a sample of what’s in a tool plan:

Tool Plan Team Leader

Simple, clear organizing structure to guide you

Tool Plan Instructions Team Leader

Easy-to-follow, smart, step-by-step instruction

2.6 Team Leader

Every tool you’ll need, available in one click

Catalysts Team Leader

Skill sets and catalysts to maximize the toolkit’s value to you and your team

Your Better Still Teamwork Toolkit—Team Leader includes even more

Beyond the Better Still Tools and tool plans, you have access to:

Custom consultation to prepare conditions for toolkit success

An easy-to-follow orientation and onboarding experience

Guidance for team leaders to be your best in this vital role

At-a-glance summaries of the 25 tools

A quick-reference guide to match a Better Still Tool to specific team-leader needs

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Team leaders: Support your team members by providing them subscriptions to the Better Still Teamwork Toolkit—Team Contributor!
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